CAPTURED by Arlyn dela Cruz



To provide an alternative and credible source of news, features and other related information.

To be a truly independent media entity that is outside the parameters and control of networks and its many interests other than the search for truth and the duty to inform.

To give access and opportunities to aspiring media practitioners in various fields by opening doors of opportunities for them to develop their skills and talents.


To be an acknowledged source of information and an avenue of innovation in Philippine broadcast media.


Let me put it this way, it's an idea that has been there for years waiting for the right resources and the necessary focus to sustain this undertaking. To go freelance is one thing but to be independent is another.

The thought of going solo minus a giant network to back you up could be scary. Really scary.

Yes I am doing ala Judy Anne Santos.  I am going the road of independence and will finally take-full control of  my craft.

The idea was rekindled sometime last year when  this journalist was tapped to be the Philippine producer/fixer of  the film-documentary Stalking Jihad, produced by Wild Eyes Productions exclusively for the History Channel based on interviews and scripts by renowned book author and journalist Mark Bowden. After that,  everything seemed to fall into place.

I was ready a long, long time ago. The truth is--I was just scared. Yes this "tough one" was scared to go solo! I needed to hear from colleagues that it can be done and the possibilities are really just out there waiting to be tapped and explored.

The most important element is also present and in full force: the motivation and support of my family.

All ideas they say have their time to be born. This one has just kicked out of the womb.

The first cry reduced me to tears, I am a "mother "once again.

This new "baby" is  raring, determined and energized to do meaningful projects for domestic and international consumption. 

We will tell stories as it is. The truth that we know and the truth that we found out, then, now and in the years to come.(end)

Experience & Exposure
Talent & Performance

Veteran and multi-awarded journalist Arlyn dela Cruz known for her exclusive reports in conflict areas of Mindanao heads this team of highly experienced and qualified personnel.

She serves as President and Executive Director of the production outfit.

Joining the team are people who also worked with most television stations in the Philippines with experience and  exposure ranging from directing, production, field shooting, fixing/coordination, design, scripting, writing even make-up or to simply put it, practically everything and anything under the sun on the field of production and film-documentaries.

We also have a pool of fresh talents who can do on-cam and reportorial work, voicing for special projects like corporate AVPs.

We also plan to help aspiring media practitioners launch their careers in television through our original idea conceptualized and put into practice in 2005 called "OJT  (On-the-Job Training) on AIR.

We are currently on the look out for would be hosts and reporters for a show called "SCHOOL ZONE".

Together with veteran journalist and  corporate communications master and banker Joee Guilas, this production is also developing a show about young Filipino entrepreneurs with the working title: "I MADE IT!"

Guilas is also the production's creative partner.


We do professional documentaries using the latest in digital technology.

We also do corporate audio-visual-presentations (AVP) and our team is also engaged in production of independent film and television shows and specials.

We also do fixing and coordination jobs for offshore production companies interested in filming in the Philippines.

We also conceptualize and produce shows for broadcast and stage/theater presentations.

Our ultimate target is to produce a full-length films based or inspired by true stories.

Our rates are dependent on the project and assignment. We are flexible our main consideration is to work within our client's budget and still come up with only what our clients deserve--our best!